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The Nacelle Company

Mark Spears Monsters Trading Cards | Single Pack

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The most anticipated trading card series of 2021! The Mark Spears Monster Trading Cards feature all original artwork by Rondo Horror Artist of the Year Mark Spears. With two different base styles available*, you never know which MONSTERS you will unleash!

*Chose which base style you want to purchase by selecting "Dracula | Full Bleed Base Card Style" or "Frankenstein’s Monster | Distressed Base Card Style" before putting in your cart

Very Important Details

  • Each card pack contains 7 cards, 1 sticker and one stick of gum!
  • Chase cards include Classic Chromes, Signed Cards, Ghoulish Golds, Concept Cards, Blood Splatter Cards, MonsterSpectrums, HorrorFoils, Sketch Cards and Printing Plates
  • Dracula packs feature 'Full Bleed' artwork that is printed to the edge of the card
  • Frankenstein's Monster packs feature 'Distressed' artwork and are printed on clay coated cardstock, giving them the look and feel of the trading cards you remember from the 70's and 80's
            Base Card Style