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It's Freaky Fun For Everyone! The Madballs are here! Each Madballs action figure stands approximately 6" tall, with 25 points of articulation for putridly perfect posing! Each Madballs action figure is made with "MADular" technology, allowing you to swap parts at every articulation point to create your own original monstrosities!

Racing out of the streets of the hit video game Need for Speed: No Limits and into your collection comes the new Trashin Pumpkin' Madballs action figure! Figure stands 6" tall with 26 points of articulation and features MADular technology for part swapping fun!

Barnyard Commandooooooos!! The battle is on as the Rebel Army of Militant Sheep (RAMS) fight for superiority against the Platoon of Rebel Killer Swine (PORKS)! Each Barnyard Commandos figure is just over 5" tall (snout to tail) and features 26-30 points of articulation and multiple accessories for creating maximum carnage!